Stop Sliding, Start Sleeping!

Does your mattress pad slide around causing you discomfort every night? So did ours. That’s why we set out to solve the irritating problem by creating the original Mattress Pad Bands. Mattress Pad Bands offer a simple, inexpensive solution for all sliding sleepers. They take one minute to apply and will improve every single night of sleep thereafter. Mattress Pad Bands are perfect for college dorms, as they fit around all Twin and Twin XL beds. So, what are you waiting for? Stop Sliding, Start Sleeping!

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The Product


If your mattress pad slides, you have definitely come to the right place. The all-new Mattress Pad Bands offer a quick solution to this pesky problem. Mattress Pad Bands work by wrapping around your mattress pad and mattress, underneath your sheets. After application, you won’t even notice their presence and your mattress pad will move no longer.


The semi-elastic design gives the bands a perfect mix of comfort and durability. Your mattress pad will be tightly fastened to your bed in a matter of minutes, and your sliding mattress pad problem will be eliminated. Start loving your mattress pad again!

Installation Instructions


Follow these simple instructions to get your bands set up!

  • The package includes 3 semi-elastic Mattress Pad Bands
  • Place the elastic part of the band on top of the mattress pad underneath your sheets and the non-elastic part of the band underneath your mattress.
  • Most beds only need one band on each end, but if you have a larger mattress pad three bands are advised. That’s it, now you can hate your mattress pad no more.

Stop Sliding, Start Sleeping!